A Dorset Summer

A holiday in Dorset with her wealthy, newly-divorced cousin seems the perfect escape from Phoebe's mundane life as a governess – until a man walks from the sea at Studland and into her life. Phoebe is drawn inexorably into a relationship with Alex Milne, a reclusive, tormented WWI veteran, even as she is courted by handsome, gentle landowner James Stephenson. The three form an uneasy triangle of lovers and allies fighting to save the Dorset countryside and its way of life – but the ancient land exerts its own forces on their lives. Trapped between her passion and her integrity, her head and her heart, Phoebe must make choices that compel her to confront her past and threaten to destroy her future.

"This is a beautifully layered tale of first love, loss, choices, and the hope of redemption."

-V.L. Smith, author of The White Spider of Savignac

"I found myself enchanted from the beginning with this tale that showed through heroine Phoebe's eyes her evolutionary journey from being a rather stilted young governess to a full-fledged woman with the right to choose."

- Colleen L. Donnolly, Amazon #1 bestselling author of Mine to Tell

Praise for A Dorset Summer

"Beautifully observed first love affair."

- Jennifer Pittam, contributing author to the anthology Wartime Christmas Tales

"I haven't had a story affect me this much in years."

- Diane Scott Lewis, author of Outcast Artist in Bretagne

A Dorset Summer is available as an ebook and paperback at Amazon

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