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A Dorset Lammas

Ros Stephenson believes she has a single practical decision to make in the summer of 1953—stay on the Dorset family estate and continue the farming life she loves, or spread her wings for university. Before responsibility looms, she’s determined to have one, last carefree month with her beloved cousin, Teddy. But the arrival of Teddy’s gorgeous, hedonistic friend, Julian, brings unexpected desires that threaten to upset their dynamic.

Then Gareth Easton, a young archaeologist, arrives in Dorset for his National Service and begins asking questions in the village about a relative who died there some twenty years ago. Ros’s offhand offer of help leads to a deepening friendship that only intensifies her indecision about her future—while the hostility they encounter makes her determined to dig into the past.

As long-buried secrets resurface, and her choices and desires become hopelessly entangled, Ros’s world begins to unravel in ways she never imagined, and she learns that the decisions of one summer can last a lifetime...

An engaging and authentic story of a young woman who unearths her past while forging her future in 1950’s Dorset. An essence of The Yorkshire Vet with a West Country flavour.

Anita Davison, author of the Miss Merrill and Aunt Violet Mysteries

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